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Welcome to the new & improved TeenAdvice.Net. We're making this a much bigger and better site, and we're making it easier to navigate. We have just launched a brand new advice system, which you should try out! We have advisors, who are members of the site just like you, ready to give advice on any topic! Our site is all about teens helping teens, and we want you to be a part of it.

We have an entire forum dedicated to advice. If you want many, many different perspectives on a question you have, this is the place to ask it. The members of our site are dedicated and will answer your questions!

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If you want advice live, check out Advice Chat. The link below will bring you directly to the Advice Chatroom. If it's empty or too quiet there, simply change your room selection to "Student Center Chat." It's always crowded there!

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This is the general teen advice section. Ask away on any advice questions that you may have. All of our advisors are current students except for kyleftydude, who is the one adult advisor on the site.

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Tired of being rational? Do you just feeling like bitching about something? Then be sure to check out the Bitch & Moan Board, where you can go scream your head off!

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